We Train Veterans in the Film Industry

Behind every great film is a great crew. Hollywood Wants 200 Good Veterans Now!

If you’re a post-9/11 U.S. military vet, you’re eligible to apply for training and placement for good-paying jobs in Hollywood film and TV production. And it’s all absolutely free to you.

The new VET 200 program at the LIMS Movie Studios in Castaic, California is a priceless opportunity offering dozens of jobs and career choices, like camera, grip, lighting, stunts, set building, visual effects, production management, picture editorial, audio editing, wardrobe, makeup and hair and more.

In the 10-week boot camp, you apply skills and experience you gained in the service, and learn valuable new skills that are in constant demand in Hollywood. The program has an 80% job placement rate.

Sign up now for the next VET 200 session. You have nothing to lose, and a clear path to a better, more self-sufficient life for you and your family to gain.












Vet 200 FAQ

  • Who created the VET 200 program?
    Jimmy Lifton is LIMS Movie Studios’ founder and president. He’s a noted musician, record industry entrepreneur, Hollywood filmmaker, Emmy-winning TV producer, and film post-production ace. Check out his IMDb page. Jimmy originated the free jobs training for veterans program in his native Michigan in 2009, and it was a huge success. He opened the LIMS Studio in Castaic, met all the necessary local, state and federal requirements, and launched the Los Angeles-Hollywood-area training program for veterans with VET 50 in 2015. Following VET 50’s success, the VET 200 program quadruples the number of veteran trainees.
  • What if I don’t have a car?
    No worries. The program provides free transportation between the L.A. area and the studio for Vet 200 students.
  • Where is Castaic, California?
    Castaic is a community off Interstate 5 in the northeastern corner of Los Angeles County. It’s just 10 minutes north of the Six Flags Magic Mountain theme park in Valencia and the Santa Clarita Valley, and about 40 miles north of Hollywood and Los Angeles. Santa Clarita and Castaic’s film and TV production output has earned the area the nickname “Hollywood North.” Click here for a map and directions to the LIMS Movie Studio at 27567 Fantastic Lane, Castaic 91384.
  • What does “LIMS” stand for?
    Lifton Institute of Media and Arts & Sciences.
  • What happens during the 10-week boot camp?
    Guided by expert instructors, students work on production of a real 90-minute feature film for 8-10 hours daily Monday through Friday for two and a half months – a fairly typical production timeframe – gaining first-hand experience and developing immediately marketable skills.
  • Why is VET 200 just for military veterans?
    Military veterans have the same sort of mindset valued by production managers – self-discipline, ability to learn new skills, and team spirit. Big difference on the set: you’re not getting shot at, and you don’t have to worry about IEDs. Beyond the practical reasons, the VET 200 program’s founder, award-winning entertainment industry veteran Jimmy Lifton, appreciates the sacrifices veterans have made, and this is his way of returning the favor.
  • Is the program approved by the Veterans Administration?
    Yes, the program received VA approval in fall 2016.
  • Is there a residency requirement?
    You can be from anywhere, but you do have to live in the Los Angeles-Hollywood-Santa Clarita Valley area at least temporarily while participating in the Vet 200 boot camp. Free transportation to/from Los Angeles-area destination points plus daytime meals are provided by LIMS.
  • Who is eligible for participation?
    If you’re a post-9/11 military veteran, and especially if you’re homeless right now, you can apply for the Vet 200 program at LIMS Movie Studios.
  • What does it cost?
    Once accepted, Vet 200 students pay nothing out of pocket. Tuition is paid by funding through the Department of Labor.

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